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Appointment of Fellows to the Center for Health Systems & Design

Faculty Fellows of the Center are members of the Texas A&M faculty who are related through their academic or research emphasis on healthcare and areas of mutual interest.  Corresponding Fellows may be governmental workers, professional practitioners, researchers with a common interest who are working with the Center, or faculty who have similar relationships at other institutions.

 New fellows are nominated by the department heads or current Center fellows.  They are then recommended for appointment by the current director and their nomination is forwarded to the Dean.  The Dean makes the formal appointment of a Faculty Fellow and a letter of appointment is given to the new fellow stating the terms and expectations under which the title is granted. 

The term of appointment is limited to their period of active participation or three (3) years maximum, with the opportunity to be re-appointed at the discretion of the Director, after a review of the contributions and activities of the fellow and input by the Center Council.  Monthly meetings are held during the school year and in order to be fully engaged in the opportunities the Center offers, we strongly encourage you to attend at least one Fellows meeting per semester.