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What is the Health Industry Advisory Council? 

Attendees at the 2019 Spring Meeting of the Health Industry Advisory Council


The Health Industry Advisory Council (HIAC) was founded in 2002 to support the activities of the Center for Health Systems & Design and students at Texas A&M University (TAMU) with an interest in health design and research. Participation in HIAC requires a $5,000 annual membership fee for practitioners and professional organizations and a $10,000 fee for corporate partnerships.


Goals of HIAC

  1. To create exciting and effective university-industry partnerships that contribute significantly to the creation of better healthcare environments.
  2. To tap the expertise of HIAC leaders in support of the world’s best university-based education program in healthcare design and research.
  3. To engage HIAC members in high impact research that demonstrate that good healthcare design improves medical / economic outcomes.
  4. To undertake research projects that advance the state of sound knowledge for evidence-based design and empower the transformation of healthcare architecture.
  5. To initiate funded healthcare design studio projects comprised of collaborations among HIAC professional firms and corporations and Texas A&M University faculty and students.
  6. To enhance funding, resources and capabilities for the healthcare design and research program at TAMU.


Benefits to HIAC Member Firms

Student Contact: At each HIAC meeting you will meet with students enrolled in the graduate certificate program in Healthcare Design and engage in studio and portfolio reviews.

  1. Faculty Contact: Each HIAC meeting will include special presentations by healthcare faculty about new research and findings.
  2. Research Access: Exclusive access to research expertise and services (e.g.; literature reviews) on specific issues of interest to your firm.
  3. Visiting Lectures: Invitations to give visiting lectures in healthcare classes at A&M.
  4. Firm Presentations: Opportunities to present your firm’s work to students and faculty.
  5. Firm Participation: The name of your firm will be displayed on CHSD publications.
  6. Information: Entry to an exclusive website with resumes of current health design students, faculty expertise resumes, current healthcare issues, and upcoming events.
  7. Research-related news: Members can have their research-related news and information included in the CHSD newsletter.
  8. Invitations to seminars on Lean Design and training for the EDAC exam.
  9. CEU credits for participation in HIAC meetings and seminars. 

HIAC members have enabled the Center to be a stable and innovative organization that has assumed a significant international role in the promotion of original and appropriate heath care environments. Contributions include: support of travel for students and faculty to participate in health conferences, contributions to the guest lecturer program, support of student assistantships and scholarships, and funding for the CHSD publications and enrichment activities.

There are currently 18 member firms and 3 international member firms.

Ballinger -  Philadelphia, PA

BatesForum - Clayton, MO

CallisonRTKL - Dallas, TX

CannonDesign/FKP - Houston, TX

Earl Swensson Associates, Inc - Nashville, TN

HDR Architecture - Dallas, TX

HKS, Inc. - Dallas, TX

HOK - Houston, TX

The INNOVA Group - Austin, TX

Jacobs - Dallas, TX

Marmon Mok - San Antonio, TX

Modular Services Company -  Oklahoma, OK

Page/ - Dallas, TX

Perkins + Will - Dallas, TX

Shepley Bulfinch - Houston, TX

Stantec - Houston, TX

EYP Health - Houston, TX

ZGF (Zimmer Gunsul Frasca) Architects LLP - Portland, OR

International Firms

Taiwan Yonglin Healthcare Foundation - Taipei, Taiwan

HongKong Ao Hua Medical Industry Company - Hong Kong

Shenzen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Company - Shenzen, China