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Professional Fellows

Currently, there are 18 Professional Fellows associated with the Center.  The professional fellows are from diverse backgrounds of experience, practice, and industry with insights that assist the Center in choosing projects and initiatives that create the best background for our students studying to earn the Certificate in Health Systems & Design.

Below is a list of our current Professional Fellows:

Harold Adams         
Chairman Emeritus, RTKL

Diana Anderson   
Steffian Bradley

Craig Beale          
HKS, Inc-Dallas, TX

Andrew Dannenberg   
University of Washington-Seattle

Nancy Dickey     
TAMU-Health Science Center

William Eide       
Architect Consultant

Debra Harris      
RAD Consultants

Warren Kerr       
Haymes Sharley Health Group

Rex Miller          

John Pangrazio     
NBBJ-Seattle, WA

Ron Skaggs       
HKS, Inc-Dallas, TX

Joe Sprague      
HKS, Inc-Dallas, TX

Ekanem U. Smart   
Community Public Health, Nigeria

Tammy Thompson
Institute for Patient-Centered Design

Philip Tobey       

Emmanuel Umoh   
Project Manager, Fannie Mae

Michael Wood    
Impact Consulting

Wynn Huey-Wen Yien   
Yonglin Healthcare-Taiwan