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Numerous scholarships are available for all graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Architecture. Visit one of the sites below for eligibility criteria and application procedures.

Scholarships associated with the Center for Health Systems & Design

To get information on these scholarships, contact Judy Pruitt at

Letter from the Dean

We are pleased that you have chosen, or are considering, Texas A&M University and, more specifically, the College of Architecture, as the institution of higher learning that will prepare you to face the challenges of the 21st century in your selected field of study.

As one of the largest colleges of architecture in the United States, we have established a strong, worldwide reputation through numerous contributions of our diverse and talented faculty, staff, students, and former students.

We are fortunate that many of our successful graduates have given back to the college to ensure that future students have the same educational opportunities presented to them. Most of these gifts are in the form of scholarships, which are awarded each year during departmental scholarship and awards ceremonies.

This website was prepared to make you aware of the various scholarships for which you may become eligible as a student. You will find information regarding the application and selection process used each year for each one.

I encourage you to apply for all the scholarships that pertain to your major. We want you to have as many resources as possible to complete your educational goals and succeed professionally. Perhaps one day, your name will be in this directory as one more member of this select community of former students and friends of the college who, through their generosity, help us forge the next generation of Aggies making a difference in the various professional disciplines represented in our college.

Jorge Vanegas
Dean of the College of Architecture