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Faculty Fellows

The College of Architecture's gifted and diverse faculty are perhaps its richest asset. Among the world's design institutions, the college boasts one of the highest percentages of Ph.D. faculty members who, with other noteworthy scholars, offer an incredible breadth and depth of expertise in the design, planning, development, and construction fields. Academic accreditation teams visiting the college have repeatedly noted that the college's faculty is extremely student-oriented, accessible, and held in high regard by their students. They have also reported a strong sense of collegiality among faculty that is not often found in comparable institutions.

The Center for Health Systems & Design has 46 faculty members from departments in the College of Architecture and other colleges on the TAMU campus that contribute to the CHSD's objectives. We also have three faculty fellows from other universities and nine professional faculty fellows. 

Department of Architecture (14)

Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning (11) 

Department of Construction Science (3)

Department of Visualization (1)

College of Engineering (3)

College of Liberal Arts (1)

College of Education & Human Development (2)

Department of Educational Psychology (1)

Texas A&M Health Science Center (6) 

Texas A&M College of Nursing (2)

Texas A&M College of Agriculture (1)

Professional/Outside practitioners (9) 

Other universities affiliates (3)


List of Fellows