ARCH 605/606/607 Design Studio - Health Section (6 cr)
ARCH 676 Human Behavior and Design 
ARCH 689 Theory of Health Design (Hamilton)
ARCH 689 Typologies of Hospital Design (Hamilton)
ARCH 689 Contemporary Readings in Healthcare Design (Hamilton)
ARCH 689 Design and Health Living (Zhu)
ARCH 689 Placemaking
CARC 601 Research Foundations
CARC 602 Research Foundations
COSC 670 Facility Management
CPSY 677 Practicum in Clinical Geropsychology
EPSY 647 Adult Development and Aging
HLTH 334 Women's Health
HLTH 353 Drugs and Society
HLTH 631 Community and Public Health
HLTH 660 Health Issues in Aging, Dying and Death
LAND 640 Research Methods in Landscape Architecture
LAND 661 Visual Quality Analysis for Design and Planning
LAND 689 Active Living (Lee)
LAND 689 Contextual Design (Naderi)
LDEV 661 Environment and Development
LDEV 671 Sustainable Development
LDEV 687 Development Feasibility and Design I
LDEV 688 Development Feasibility and Design II
PHPM 601 Rural Public Health Systems
PHPM 605 Introduction to Health Policy And Management
PHSB 603 Social and Behavioral Determinants Of Health
PHSB 604 Social Ecology and Health Behavior
PHSB 610 Community Organization and Assessment
PHSB 612 Social and Behavioral Interventions
PLAN 630 Survey of Health Planning
PLAN 631 Planning and Programming Health Systems
PLAN 633 Planning for Healthy Communities
PLAN 634 Environmental Health Policy and Planning
PSTC 607 Experimental Psychology
PSYC 307 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 320 Sensation and Perception
PSYC 340 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 360 Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
PSYC 407 Behavioral Disorders of Children
PSYC 489 Special Topics in Art and Cognition
PSYC 610 Organizational Psychology
PSYC 615 Perceptual Processes
PSYC 639 Pediatric Psychology

*Others electives are possible. Please request approval.