A key function of the Center is to support graduate student education and research opportunities that lead to the Certificate in Health Systems & Design. The program is available to students in any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University. The Certificate emphasizes a cross-disciplinary perspective yet also ensures that students develop an in-depth understanding and ability within a specific body of knowledge.

The certificate was approved by the College of Architecture Executive Committee in 1998. In 1999, seven students were awarded the Certificate in Health Systems & Design upon completion of their degree programs. Since that time, over 300 students have received this certificate. The Certificate program appears to be successful in helping advance the career goals of these students. One of the first seven students to receive this certificate was Chanam Lee, who went on to complete her Ph.D. at the University of Washington and is now a faculty member in the College of Architecture and a Faculty Fellow in the Center. Other certificate recipients have gone on to prominent positions in both practice and academia. 

The Certificate in Health Systems & Design (HSD) provides students in any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University an opportunity to develop a body of knowledge in health design that will further their career goals. The certificate assumes health systems and design is a cross-disciplinary field, and the program is designed to ensure that students gain a sense of mutual respect for others in the field, and appropriate awareness, understanding, and ability within a specific body of knowledge.

The Health Systems & Design Certificate Council
The Council for the HSD Certificate (the Certificate Council) is comprised of faculty with expertise in the field. The Graduate Advisory Committee for each student within the oversight of Degree Coordinators, Department Heads, and the Office of Graduate Studies, is responsible for the academic program of the student. However, the Certificate Council is charged with ensuring that students who have applied for the health certificate have met content standards. The program can usually be accomplished with the minimum number of hours required for the degree; however, additional hours may be required by the student's Graduate Advisory Committee, and students may choose to take additional hours not on the degree plan in order to meet the requirements for the Certificate. 

The Certificate
The certificate is awarded after completion of the program, and must be approved and signed by the Director of the Center for Health Systems & Design. The certificate contains the seal of the university and as of 2018, will be added to the student's official transcript.  It will be presented at the official university graduation exercises.

Certificate Coordinator

If you have any questions about this certificate, please contact Ray Pentecost at rpentecost@tamu.edu.