The following summarizes the minimum requirements for the certificate in Health Systems & Design. While as few as 16 credit hours can be taken to obtain the certificate, students are encouraged to take as many courses as possible.

REQUIRED Courses for All CHSD Candidates (10 credit hours or 7 credit hours for LDEV students)

ARCH 675 (3 cr)
Health Design and Research
ARCH 681/ENDS 481 (1 cr)
Architecture for Health Lecture Series.
Final Study (6 cr)
ARCH 693, LAND 693, PLAN 693, COSC 693 (depending on major)
Or Final Study (3 cr)
LDEV 665/693

ELECTIVE Courses (6 credit hours; 9 credit hours for LDEV students)

Two courses must be taken, one within the student's department and one outside of the student's department. The course within the student's department must be taken with a faculty member who is a faculty fellow of the Center for Health Systems & Design.

Most programs allow graduate students to include two 300- or 400-level courses in their graduate degree plan. Such courses should be outside of the student's major.

The Certificate Council will make available a list of courses, inside and outside the College of Architecture, which meet the requirements for HSD content. The list, and associated syllabi and names of instructors, will be on file in the office of the Center for Health Systems & Design.

When a student identifies a course not on the list, or wishes to transfer a course from another institution, the syllabus and specific reference to health design content MUST be submitted to the HSD Certificate Council for review. Courses not accepted for use toward a graduate degree at Texas A&M University may not be used toward the certificate.

Where a course has a generic topic (for example a design studio in architecture, or a capstone studio course in land development or planning) the HSD content and the student's specific role in working with that content, must be stated in a supporting letter from the student submitted with the application. The letter should be co-signed by the instructor of the course.

As a general practice, with the exception of the Director, a member of the HSD Certificate Council who also serves as chair of a student's Graduate Advisory Committee will not provide signature approval at any step in the application process. The Certificate Council may seek input from faculty concerning course content and/or the specific contribution of a student in a course with team activity.

Where the Certificate Council makes a negative finding as to applicability of a course or a final project, the finding will be made in writing with copies to the student, student file, and chair of the student's Graduate Advisory Committee. Appeals against findings of the Certificate Council will be made to the academic dean of the College of Architecture, whose decision will be final.

Current Certificate Council Faculty Members: 
Susan Rodiek
Kirk Hamilton
George Mann