Current Students

Our overall strategy is to provide a center that is an integral part of the College--visible and relevant to the health and design industry. We seek to reach out in meaningful ways to organizations and individuals who share our goals so that we may have a larger impact.

Student Health Environments Association (SHEA) is a grassroots student organization that furthers interest in architecture for health by promoting a culture of communication and collaboration between students of all levels, professors and professionals.
Directory of Students - "Profile" (Icon 7.1 MB)
Profile is a directory of students in architecture for health. Profile is produced by the Student Health Environments Association. Click on the link above for a PDF of the document.
The College of Architecture provides academic advising through the Student Services Office. Students may also direct inquires about the Certificate to members of the Certificate Council: Mardelle Shepley, Susan Rodiek, Kirk Hamilton, Roger Ulrich, and George Mann.
For information on current Ph.D studies directed toward architecture-for-health topics please follow the link above.
Finding a Firm
The Student Health Environments Association website posts contact information for HIAC fims as well as current job opportunities with healthcare design firms.