Texas A&M CHSD Visiting Scholar Program


The unique "Architecture for Health" Program at Texas A&M University was founded in 1966. The Center for Health Systems & Design (CHSD) serves as a backbone of the program, and promotes collaborative research and education in three major areas: Protecting Health, Enhancing Health and Restoring Health. Current CHSD fellows are composed of distinguished professors, world-renowned researchers and preeminent practitioners in the abovementioned areas.


The purpose of the visiting scholar program aligned with the Center for Health Systems & Design is to enhance the Center’s—and therefore, the College of Architecture’s, ability to actively reach out to international/domestic communities and attract the most promising scholars in the world.

Program Fee

The program fee for each visitor will be $3,000 for a six month or shorter visit, and $5,000 for a seven-to-twelve-month visit, respectively. Extension beyond twelve months will require an additional $3,000 fee per year. The first non-refundable payment of $500 will be collected when the visitor submits the Non-Immigrant Questionnaire form. This program fee will be only charged to those applicants who submit applications directly to the CHSD fellows, ask CHSD staff (Judy Pruitt) to prepare their paperwork and request a workspace at CHSD.

Domestic Health Industry Advisory Council (HIAC) firms may also choose to send one employee per year to visit the Center and "shadow" a particular faculty fellow for a limited time up to six months. The program fee for current HIAC members will be $1,500. There will be no charge to an employee from an international HIAC firm for a six-month or shorter visit. The fee will be $1,500 if the time exceeds 6 months.

These program fees will be used to provide supplies and enhancements to the visitor’s time at the Center.

Table 1. CHSD Visiting Scholar Program Fee


                 Up to 6 months

               Up to 12 months

Over 12 months

General visiting scholar



  $3,000 per addl. year

Domestic HIAC firm employee



International HIAC firm employee



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